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Humanizing Artificial Intelligence
one person at a time


Personal AI Assistants Saving You Resources and Enabling What is Otherwise Impossible

After nearly four years, 300,000 development hours, and pre-tests conducted in over 100 countries, seeyouGPT is now ready to launch, revolutionize, and personalize the interaction between humans and technology. 


Our mission is to humanize artificial intelligence one person at a time. We do this by creating personal confidential AI assistants that save you resources and enable you to do what otherwise is almost impossible. We deliver them in a clean Nordic design that users love worldwide, with the major industry players as our tailwind, not a headwind.


How We Humanize Artificial Intelligence  One Person at a Time

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Data Privacy

We adhere to 
GDPR, the EU AI Act, and the European Commission's Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.

We also act as a layer between you and any third-party GPT and split up what we derive from pre-trained data and real-time search, making it impossible for any LLMs to learn about you or the contexts of your questions. 


Continiously Best-in-Class Technology

By separating search from pre-trained data, we can always combine whatever suits you best based on whichever provider has the most suitable technologies at any given time. Using all the major large language models and search engines, you never have to worry about who has the best technology. We have you covered.


Accurate Real-Time Information, with Pictures

Separating search and live event API connections from the large language model in-house bundles allows us to respond faster and more accurately to real-time events. We can also provide real-time data to all, including free users. Equally, everyone gets pictures with our answers to help better communicate and increase user values.  

We will also add picture editing, generation, and videos during the beta period. And there's even more to come.


We are Here to Save You Resources and Enable What Otherwise is Almost Impossible

From our prequel tests in over 100 countries, users love our calendar integration and uniform booking of Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex meetings. Equally so, recording meetings and conferences, generating transcripts, minutes, summaries, and talking points, and using AI to improve how one benefits from one's data. 

The same goes for our virtual camera features.

So, we are adding both later in the beta period, allowing you to use seeyouGPT as your confidential and trustworthy personal assistant. Where AI works to make your life easier more fun, and enable what otherwise is hard to do.

You Do Not Need to Worry About Which Technology Best Suits You at Any Time - We Got You Covered

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Every 29th Person Seeing Our Ads Converts to a User

We have tested our proprietary technology in over 100 countries, engaging with over 25 million user interactions, and the results speak for themselves: people love what we offer.

An average Google Ad needs to be seen by 400 people to attract one user. Our customer conversion is 14 times more effective than the Google ad campaign average, making every 29th viewer a user.

Click here to learn how we create products loved worldwide

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Retiering Chatbots

seeyouGPT Concierges are reshaping how you, as a company, interact with customers and other external stakeholders. A seeyouGPT Concierge addresses all products, services, and online information, continuously honing its dialogue in line with each customer's preferences.

AI-enhanced Chatbots are as Obsolete as Sailboats in the Age of Steamships

Instead, we introduce a nonintrusive search field, as illustrated below. When customers ask, a picture-carousel-supported, human-like dialogue appears in a larger, more user-friendly window, converting the client's product and product usage information into a value-added service for their customers.

Our self-learning seeyouGPT Concierges aims to replace over 90% of all manual customer service tasks, surpassing and outpacing any AI-assisted chatbot solutions currently available in the European market.

Unparalleled Market Intelligence and Procurement & Inventory Management

We offer exceptional SPSS- and AI-driven market intelligence, AI-based procurement, and inventory optimization. Our solutions provide unparalleled AI-powered bounce and conversion insights, adding value for our clients while fully protecting their customers' integrity and anonymity.

Below, we recommend of the Michelin two-star restaurant Aloë in Stockholm, co-founded and co-owned by our friend, the legendary Swedish rock star chef and seeyouAI shareholder Daniel Höglander.

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Meet your new best friend at work

Personalized seeyouGPT Mentors, confidentially empowering each team member!

Receive individual support through humanlike conversations with an all-knowing personal assistant who knows your company and customers inside and out. Think of a seeyouGPT Mentor as your dedicated PA, tutor, and trusted advisor.

Any questions, no matter how "basic," are entirely confidential, helping you instantly resolve issues, learn faster, boost confidence, and enhance workplace proficiency and safety.

Plus, you get access to AI tools that simplify schedule management, facilitate video meetings, and assist with your company's educational resources—all in one place, as illustrated below for seeyouAI's 50% owned for good subsidiary, Young Happy Minds.

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A Fully Secure Personal Project Librarian

The seeyouGPT Twin enhances project management by creating accurate digital reflections of project data rooms, replete with fully secure seeyouGPT librarians that compile a complete range of information and current online data. These librarians offer detailed, unbiased project analysis, promote effective communication, and reduce reliance on expensive external advisors, thus optimizing both time and financial resources.

Executives can interact with seeyouGPT Librarians humanlike, requesting objective updates, summaries, extensive reports, well-formulated project communications, and structured action plans. This considerably lessens the need for costly external consultants, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Additionally, each seeyouGPT Twin incorporates advanced identity layer blockchain access control, ensuring that services are accessible solely to project members with appropriate authorization. 

Each Twin features seeyouCOM, our proprietary end-to-end encrypted group chat for up to 256 authorized users. seeyouCOM additionally provides fully encrypted calls, video calls, and video messages, ensuring complete confidentiality of communication between project members.

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Join Our IPO Alongside Norway's Most Merited Investors

Some of the most esteemed investors in the Nordics have funded the development and global testing of our technology. Embracing our ethos of inclusivity, we now invite anyone interested to join us as a shareholder ahead of our planned listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange on August 27th.
Here are some of our marquee shareholders:  
Alden AS, Dr. Anders Hafreager, Apollo Asset Limited, Bohan & Co AS, Borken AS, Dukat AS, Daniel Höglander, Eigil Spetalen, Excelsior AS, Nordic Delta AS, Haadem Invest AS, Henrik Christensen, Herax Holding AS, Jo Rodin, Kistefos AS, Langebru AS, Lani AS, Martine Kveim, Mona Johannesson, Pieter Taselaar, Q Capital AS, Scan Chemicals AS, Sirius Securities AS, Skadi AS, Dr. Sunniva Rose, Torstein Tvenge, Tveco AS, UFI AS, and others.

Vetted & Approved by the Tech Giants

seeyouAI's proprietary IP has been vetted and approved by major platforms, including Cisco Webex, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Zoom. We meet all requirements of the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway for subcontractors to supervised companies.

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Experienced Board Slated for the IPO

Experienced Board of Directors

The board has broad and diverse expertise and equal representation of women and men. All board members have successful experience with growth companies and are shareholders.

Henrik A. Christensen - Chair, a distinguished lawyer who has chaired numerous high-profile companies traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Mr. Christensen is an institution in Norwegian business circles, having chaired numerous important boards, led listings, restructurings, and M&A processes, and helped create immense shareholder values for decades. 

Sunniva Rose, PhD - is a nuclear physicist, communications director, published author, and renowned public speaker on tech and women in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM).


Dr. Rose is widely considered one of the most influential speakers in Norway on small-scale new nuclear energy as a viable option for environmentally sustainable energy production. She is equally known for her pink science books and lectures promoting careers in STEM to women.

Bjorn Selleg - The originating seeyouAI founder and CEO. Mr. Selleg is a former investment banker and serial entrepreneur. He previously built and ran the Norwegian trading and derivatives division of one of the largest Nordic investment banksAs our CEO, he is based in Dublin and London and is responsible for the company's overall business, management team, strategic direction, and strategic design. 


Mr. Selleg was the original initiator of seeyouAI and our double-bottom-line ethos. He and our incoming Swedish Chief Marketing Officer have developed the Nordic design profile for seeyouGPT, the other AI assistants, and the web pages. In addition to his role as CEO, Mr. Selleg shares the responsibility of co-chief designer with our CMO. 

To be Announced: The company is in advanced talks with two more senior women executives for our board of directors. 

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Executive Management

Women in Tech

seeyouAI is a driving force for gender equality in technology. Two out of three founders are women, our COO is a woman, and 273 of our executive management team members are women.

COO - Dr. Lise Flovik, the second of the three founders, is the Chief Operating Officer responsible for operations, implementation, and a set of reference customers. She has lived in Norway, Australia, Ireland, and the USA and has extensive experience as a psychologist, researcher, and leader in both public and private sectors.


Dr. Flovik was previously an associate professor and head of the department for meta-analysis in epidemiology at STAMI. She holds a degree in psychology and a Ph.D. from the University of Oslo and was nominated for Young European Researcher of the Year by PEROSH in 2019. She has also previously started and managed a psychology community.

CMO & Co-HoD - Mona Johannesson is our highly skilled incoming Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Head of Design. She and our CEO have jointly developed the new Nordic design profile for seeyouGPT and our B2B AI assistants. 

Mona is widely recognized as one of the top international Swedish models. She comes to us from the global gaming technology giant PLAY'n GO, and her extensive expertise, international customer network, significant public profile, and project and design skills will further enhance our market growth.

Chief Evangelist - Karina Hollekim is a renowned Norwegian free skier and BASE jumper. She was the first female athlete to complete a ski BASE jump successfully. She has been a professional athlete for Red Bull, participating in big-mountain skiing and BASE jumping. Despite a life-threatening accident in 2006, which left her with severe injuries, Karina has become an inspirational speaker and author. Her autobiography, "The Wonderful Feeling of Fear," and her TEDx talks have garnered international attention, highlighting her resilience and passion for extreme sports. 

Today, she is a world-renowned public speaker. She shares her story of overcoming adversity and inspires audiences globally with her message of courage and perseverance. This expertise in motivational speaking aligns seamlessly with her role as Chief Evangelist at seeyouAI, where she'll continue to inspire and drive the mission of humanizing artificial intelligence.

Martine Kveim is the original founder and executive chairman of our 50%-owned for-public-good subsidiary, Young Happy Minds (YHM). She is also the co-founder of the leading carbon offset company Chooose. YHM is an essential part of seeyouAI's double-bottom-line mandate, and as such, Martine is an integral part of the management group. She boasts an international entrepreneurship and sustainability background and is a highly successful marketeer, sought-after public speaker, and environmental business strategist. 

CTO - Twana Daniel is our Chief Technology Officer, responsible for technology strategy and developing and implementing all technological solutions. He has extensive technology development and leadership experience, including at IBM in Ireland.

CFO - Per Kristian Spone, as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Risk Management, keeps everything in order for us, including formalization, resource allocation, process monitoring, accounting, auditing, risk evaluation, reporting, IPO, and much more. He is the go-to person for everyone in the leadership group and as such, irreplaceable.


Mr. Spone is a trained economist, real estate agent, and senior auditor with experience as CEO and CFO in companies with significant investment and project development activity. He also has experience as a board member in two financial institutions listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.


Founder & COO

Martine Kveim.jpeg

Martine Kveim

Executive Chair
Young Happy Minds

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Chief Marketing Officer &
Co-Head of Design


Chief Technology Officer

Karina Hollekim.jpeg

Karina Hollekim

Chief Evangelist


Chief Financial Officer

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